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We have experienced serviceman who can help with your bee problem, whether they are in the wall cavity or a problem in the garden. Peter the Possum Man has been operating in Brisbane suburbs for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on providing fast and effective service with efficient office support.

Bees are more of a problem in spring and swarm when the weather gets hot. If you see a bee swarm around the house, they are more than likely just resting while scout bees go out looking for a suitable place to start a new hive. They generally move on after a day or two but if they settle into a cavity, our serviceman can attend the property to eradicate them.

It is best to get them as soon as you notice them in the cavity. If they are left for a long period of time, they become more aggressive and the build up of honeycomb and honey in the wall can cause a lot of damage to your property and can be very costly to remove.

The European honeybees are a feral introduced species and although beneficial to agriculture when in a controlled hive, they become a pest when they enter building cavities. They also compete with our native bees for pollen and can be dangerous to some people with allergies to bee stings.

Bees going into a wall in Brisbane
Bees often go in around window frames


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