Common Questions about Our Bee Services

What to do with swarming bees?
We recommend that you leave the bees alone and stay away from the area. Also ensure that other people stay away from the swarm because many people are allergic to bee stings. Our experinced bee keeper can remove these bee swarms safely.

I have found a bee hive hanging from a branch, can you assist?
If the bee hive is visible and we can access it, the bee hive and swarm can be removed by one of our servicemen.

How do you remove wasps?
We use a chemical treatment to control brisbane wasps and then also remove the nest to ensure a long term solution is provided.

Will the wasps come back again?
They are eradicated so should not return but we offer a 3 month service free period to ensure that all wasps from those nests have been removed.

Can you remove bee problems in a wall or tree cavity?
If bees are entering the cavity of a tree or the wall of your property we have servicemen who can be of assistance. They will eradicate the bees and a 3 month free service period usually applies to these bee treatments.

Bee Eradication BrisbaneOur experienced servicemen can also organise height access equipent when its needed to reach bee and wasp nests high up in trees or buildings.

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Bee swarm on car bumper
A swarm of bees protect their queen when she lands on a car
Bees making honey comb on exposed tree branch
Sometimes feral bees settle in exposed places like a tree branch.
A new swarm arrives and settles in a tree while scouts look for a good home.