Our Bee Services

If you are having problems with bees in a cavity of the home our experienced servicemen can eradicate the bees with a 3 month warranty. If they are swarming in an external hive in a tree or bush, our bee expert can also remove them into safely into back into a bee box. Honey bees are European and a feral species, they are important for agriculture but when they escape from the white boxes they are a dangerous pest that should be removed immediately.

  • Eradication of feral European honey bees in walls and roofs
  • Eradication of bees inside large tree trunks
  • Removal of resting bee swarms
  • Removal of external bee nests hanging from buildings or trees
  • Removal of native stingless bees
  • Eradication of paper wasps and removal of the nests
  • Eradication of european wasps in cavities

Bee Eradication BrisbaneWe have experienced servicemen who can also organise height access equipent to reach bees and wasps high up in large trees or on tall buildings.

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Bee swarm going into a white box